Get around the beautifull city of Bologna... by bus!



Tbus gives you the information you need... quickly!

If you take the bus on your daily trip to work, select the saved favorite and see immediately what time the next bus arrives. (Even directly from your smart watch!).

If you need to search for a new destination, click on the "Where do you want to go?" link.

Stops nearby

From the menu choose the option "Stop nearby".

The app shows you all the stops around you within 500 meters , from the closest to the furthest.

The colored icons represent the lines that stop at the stop.

Stop detail

In detail of a stop you will find all the buses identified by their number and color, the direction and the time scheduled for the next arrival.

Selecting "Next arrivals" on a bus, the app automatically calls the Tper HelloBus service and responds with the next two arrivals.

If you see the satellite icon it means that the data is in real time!*
*Generally this data is accurate with an error less than one minute.


If you're not at the bus stop but you're lusing the app from home or office, maybe you're interested in seeing all the bus scheduled times.

In the "all times" view you'll find all day schedules about the bus you're interested at.

Percorso mappa

Una volta salito sull'autobus puoi seguire il percorso della linea e le fermate sulla mappa!

Puoi prenotare una fermata e distrarti... L’app ti invierà una notifica per avvisarti quando sei vicino alla fermata in cui devi scendere :)

New: how much do you care your environment?

If you are attentive to the environment you can know how much carbon dioxide you have saved on your trip with the Calculate CO2 function

icona co2


Tbus è disponibile sull'App Store e su Google Play
su altri dispositivi puoi usare la web app

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